Monday, November 10, 2008

How to make money on a PTC site

You will never make good money on a PTC site unless you have referrals. If the only person adding money to your account is you, you will only make .05 to .15 per day; this is not even worth your time. However, each referral can add from .02 to .07 to your account every day (assuming you are only a standard member). Referrals are the keys to making real money on a PTC site and you should focus your efforts on getting referral instead of clicking the ads. You have two options on how to get referrals. One, you can buy them from the site. I never buy the referrals, they are simply to expensive and it is easy to get your own referrals. The other choice is to get your own.

How to get your own: Find several other PTC sites that are using the aurora script and that are large and active. Active users are the key to any successful PTC site. The reason I suggest aurora scripts is because most of the sites using this script have relatively cheap advertising cost and give you a great amount of control over your ad credits. Once you have found several good cheap active sites to advertise on, place your ads on as many sites as your budget allows. Start off small, and focus on one or two sites to promote. As you get paid from the PTC site, use part of your earnings to place more ads.

You will have to continue to place ads if you want to continue to make money on any PTC site. The reason for this is because your referrals will quit. 90% of people who join a PTC site never get referrals and they wind up quiting. After just a few days, people start to quit and the percentage increase every day by about 3% on average. This is what most of the PTC site owners are banking on; people quiting before they ever make it to payout and roughly 90% do. So, only roughly 10% of the people you get as referrals will stay active on the long term.