Monday, May 26, 2008

How to stay Green on IFWs

Many people have their accounts go RED because they make simple mistakes that violate the IFWs term of service. Below is listed a few ways to avoid this:

1. Do not sign up on any IFW (i.e. Freeforallmankind - movies) more than once. You can sign up on different sites within the same network (i.e. Freeforallmankind - movies and Freeforallmankind -ipods are both part of the Freeforallmankind network).

2. Do not use false information when signing up on an IFW.

3. Do not use an invalid or prepaid phone. Most IFWs now use phone verification and this trend is increasing.

4. Do not use pre-paid credit cards when completing offers.

5. Do not cancel an offer immediately after signing up for that offer.

6. Do not use public internet (i.e. public library) to access your account.

7. Do not use AOL.

8. Do not use different information when signing up for an IFW and when completing an offer.

9. Do not use different email address.